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  • What should I get, and where?"
    If you're unsure what to get, we offer a free consultation at the studio to help you design your perfect tattoo. You'll meet with one of our artists (if you have one in mind, just ask), discuss any ideas you have, then work with you to make your artwork a reality.
  • Can I bring my own designs?
    Of course! If you have some ideas in your mind, or perhaps you can even draw/design them (even as a reference for our artists), feel free to do so! This works especially well if you're looking to get written tattoos - find a font you like, snap a picture of it, then we can help collaborate on it and make it perfect for you. Just bare in mind that even if you know exactly what you want, or you come into the studio with a fully completed design, we may have to change a few things to help the placement. Try not to get too attached to your design until you've gotten the all-clear from us, first.
  • How do you design my tattoo?
    Our artists usually work on a simple structure, all of which is 100% collaborative with you. We're here to help you realise the design you have in your mind. Figure out what you want. If you have an idea, or perhaps even have a design, that's a great starting point. If you kinda know what you want, but you need a little help designing it and want some input, this is where a free consultation with one of our artists comes in. Grab some pictures of what you like or the thing you're looking for, or even a certain style of tattoo and we can work from there. Sit down and design the piece with your chosen artist. Once you've worked out roughly what you want and you've chosen an artist you'd like to go with (every artist has their own style, ability and preference. We advise you check out their work beforehand, or ask to see some of their work in-shop), we'll sit down with you and physically create a draft of the design. If its simple, we can usually get it all done in an hour or so, but for more intricate and larger designs we'll give you a rough design, then ask you to come back in to check out the finalised piece. More collaboration, if needed. Okay! So, we've got a rough design, we're happy with it and so are you. Is there anything you want changed? Font, font size, colour of the flowers, size of the skull, more waves in the ocean or less birds in the sky? Remember, this is a permanent investment into your body and your future, so don't feel bad if you're asking for a lot of changes, or worried about being demanding. We'd rather you be 100% happy with the design and us work on it together for serveral weeks than you being unhappy with the one small part of the design for the rest of your life. Drawing it on, if needed. For those who're still a little unsure of the design, we're happy to draw on a rough placement of the tattoo. Live with it for a day or two, then if you're happy with everything, it's time to get down to business. *Buzzing needle sound* You've gone through the whole process of designing the tattoo, collaborating with our artists, signing the paperwork and convincing your bank the withdrawal is for art, not drugs. Book a slot with us and get it done!
  • Where can I find some tattoo ideas?
    Literally, anywhere. We're a big fan of Instagram, Pintrest, Reddit and Google. Just have a search around for whatever it is you're looking for - we can help customise the design to your own specifications. Our artists often have designs they're looking to try our with customers, so while you're looking or some inspiration, check out their individual profiles and social media to see if there's anything that catches your eye.
  • Can I get my existing tattoo covered?
    Ahh, the old "hide my ex-girlfriend's name". We've all been there. Sure! For larger pieces, it can be a little harder, but the best thing to do would be to get a rough idea of what you want to cover it with, then pop into the studio and we'll work some magic for you. It shouldn't hurt more than the original tattoo, the main concern is trying to hide/blend the old design with the new, making it completely unnoticable.
  • Will having a tattoo make it harder for me to get a job?
    Fortunately, the world is modernising and starting to accept those with tattoos a lot more than they used to. However, there are those who do still look down on tattoos - especially those in obvious places (face, neck, hands, fingers, forearms). This is a decision you'll have to make based entierly on your own ambitions, career and current job. As much as we'd love the world to instantaniously accept tattoos, it's never quite as simple as that. Even the Army, RAF and Navy have rules related to tattoos, quoting: "The general rule is if your tattoo is visible on a passport photo it will be deemed unacceptable." "Tattoos that are offensive or obscene, ie those that depict sex acts, violence or illegal drugs for example are a no-no." "Tattoos on the hand and the back of the neck are now OK. Most soldiers, however, keep their saluting hand clean out of respect." "Tattoos on the head and face are unacceptable. If you're not sure, pop along to your nearest Army Careers Centre and show them."
  • Can I bring my kids to visit the studio?
    We're always happy to say hi to you and the family! But, out of respect for both the artists and customers in the studio, we ask that you only bring them in if it's a quick visit, as not to disturb those working or getting tattoos, and that you supervise them the whole time.
  • Can my friend come with me while I get a tattoo?
    Of course! A bit of moral support is always great. All we ask is that they're respectful to you, the artist and the studio.
  • What clothing should I wear?
    This is entierly up to you, just try to plan ahead. Remember that the area will be very tender after getting the tattoo, so tight-fitting clothing or anything that would rub against the tattoo will be pretty uncomfotable. If you're getting a sleeve or arm piece, we'd recommend a tank top or t-shirt. For a leg piece, shorts is the way to go. For intimate areas, wear something loose and light to avoid any additional pressure.
  • Getting an 'intimate' tattoo, can I request an artist of the same gender?"
    Of course! Regardless of the placement of the tattoo, you're welcome to choose whichever artist you'd like, based on their style, work experience, gender and attitude. Just bare in mind that the artist you'd like may have more bookings than others, so times and dates may vary quite a bit. If you have any concerns about the artist, or would like someone to be with you throughout the duration of the tattoo, feel free to bring along any family member or friend you'd like. It's worth noting that we also have a private booth for any tattoos like this, just let us know you'd like to use it and we'll make sure it's avalible for you.
  • Can I use my phone while getting a tattoo?
    Yup! it might be a little awkward at parts, if the artist has to have access to your arm, back, chest, etc., so please be as hospitable as possible. We all need a distraction from the pain, but YouTube can wait for 10 minutes while we shade that little area. ;)
  • I'd love to be an artist for RTS! How can I apply?
    Awesome! We're always happy to take a CV and check out your work, if we have spaces avalible we'll be in touch. Keep an eye on our website and social media for any vacancies that become avalible.
  • I've heard tattoos are addictive, is it true?"
    They're not addictive in the modern sense of the word, like drugs, alcohol, or sugar (yeah, we all love a Mars Bar). What tends to happen is that people whom love the artwork and being able to display it on their skin, realise that the pain often isn't as bad as they think it is, so they come to want more. Another instance is that people learn to 'enjoy' the pain. We think these people are weird.
  • Do you have a private booth at The Studio?
    We do! Just let us know you'd like it, and we'll make sure it's free for you.
  • Do you use/have access to vegan inks?
    We do! Just let us know your preference and we'll be happy to accomodate.
  • What is the legal age to get a tattoo?
    The legal age is 18. We will not, under any circumstance, tattoo you if you are under that age.
  • I'm underage, but have legal consent. Can I get a tattoo now?"
    Nope. It doesn't matter if you're 17 years old, with your Mum/Dad/Guardan with you, ready to sign any papers we throw at you. There is no parental consent exception for tattoos. Come back on your 18th birthday (with some ID) and we'll be happy to help!
  • What are the legal ages for piercings?
    While there is no set legal age for the majority of piercings in the UK, we have a right to remain responsible and ethical. We have a guide that we choose to follow, if you have any concerns about what/where you'd like to get pierced: Ear Lobes With P.C.: 5 With I.D.: 14 Ear Rim - (Scaffold / Industrial, Auricle, Helix etc.) With P.C.: 13 With I.D.: 16 Inner Ear - (Conch, Tragus, Daith etc.) With P.C.: 13 With I.D.: 16 Septum With P.C.: 16 With I.D.: 18 Nostril With P.C.: 13 With I.D.: 16 Labret / Lip With P.C.: N/A With I.D.: 16 Navel / Belly With P.C.: 13 With I.D.: 16 Eyebrow With P.C.: 14 With I.D.: 16 Tongue With P.C.: N/A With I.D.: 16 Surface / Microdermal With P.C.: 16 With I.D.: 18 Skin Diver With P.C.: N/A With I.D.: 16 Nipple (Female) With P.C.: 18 With I.D.: 18 Nipple (Male) With P.C.: 16 With I.D.: 18 Genitals With P.C.: N/A With I.D.: 21
  • How much will my tattoo cost?
    There's never an easy answer to this question. We - and most other tattoo studios - work on an hourly rate. Exceptions can be made for smaller pieces, though our minimum charge is £50 regardless of size, shading or difficulty - this is simply to cover new sterile needles, equiptment, cleaning and ink for every single customer, and of course the time for your tattoo. Our full price list is avalible here. We offer hourly rates, discounts for 3hr, 6hr and full-day sessions. Once you've contacted our crew and we've finalised the design, we can come up with a rough estimate for the piece you have in mind.
  • I know a guy, who knows a guy. Can I get a discount?"
    Nice try. ;)
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    For smaller tattoos, we don't generally ask for a deposit. For anything over £200, we ask for 50% to cover time slots and artist fees.
  • How do I take care of my tattoo while it's healing?
    We'll wrap the tattooed area in clingfilm. Keep it on until the morning after, then take it off and wash with warm, soapy water. Pat it dry, then gently apply a thin layer of your tattoo aftercare choice - we recommend bepanthin, cocoa butter or vaseline intensive care (moisturiser, not petroleum jelly). Continue washing, drying and applying for about 2 weeks, until the tattoo has completely healed. Remember, you play a key role in how your tattoo will heal and consiquently look in the future. It's probably best if you stay away from strenuious physical activity for as long as you can. While gym and weightlifting is generally fine, we urge customers to stay away from swimming, sunbathing (and sunbeds), snowboarding, skateboarding etc.. Oh, and don't pick it if it scabs. Big no-no.
  • How long will it take my tattoo to completely heal?
    Everyone is different, as is the rate that their tattoo will heal. However, as a rule of thumb, you can expect the first 5 or so days to be the scab stage, the next 4 or so days to be the flaky stage, and the next week or so to be the dry stage. If you have any concerns about the tattoo, the way it is healing, or if you feel it needs a few touch-ups, get in touch or pop by the studio and we'll be happy to help!
  • Will my tattoo look worse as I get older?
    This is a question that is very difficult to answer, because it depends entierly on the individual. Just try to be smart about the placement of the tattoo - if time degredation is something you're concerned about, avoid getting the tattoo in areas known to sag and loosen over time.
  • I'm planning to lose/gain weight. Will that damage my tattoo?
    If you're only planning on losing/gaining small amounts of weight, it's not too much of an issue. However, if you're planning on going through extreme changes to the point your skin shrinks/stretches, that will have an impact on the final design of the tattoo. If you can imagine drawing on a rubber-band, then stretching it slightly, you'll notice that there's not much difference. But as it expands and contracts, the drawing distorts accordingly. The same thing will happen with your tattoo. Colour distortion and ink loss can be fixed with touch-ups, but the design itself is more of a concern.
  • Can I get a tattoo while pregnant?
    We strongly suggest NOT getting any tattoos while pregnant. While it's not illegal and we are able to do it, the damages and trauma to the unborn children are unknown, as well as an increased risk for infections. We're always happy to give you a consultation and help you design the piece while you're carrying your adorable little buba, but we won't be getting the needles out until after you have delivered and are feeling better.
  • Can I get a tattoo while unwell?
    A little sniffle isn't a major concern, but we'll usually advise you to wait until you're better if you have any infections, serious colds or coughs. Bare in mind, you'll be feeling pretty fatigued after getting the tattoo, especially if it's a larger piece, so it's always a good idea to make sure that you are in the best condition you can be in before going under the needle.
  • Is it safe?
    Absolutely. Every needle we use is sterile, used for you and you alone, and is professionally destroyed afterwards. All the inks we use are designed specifically for tattooing and conform to current legislation.
  • Does it hurt?
    Yup. Unfortunately, it's different for everyone, so we can't say how much it's going to hurt, which areas will hurt you more than others, or how well you are going to deal with the pain. That said, it's very, very rare that our customers are unable to complete their tattoo or unable to cope with the pain. We always advise you to get as much sleep as possible the night before, a good meal before coming in for your tattoo, and staying away from alcohol for at least 24 hours before we begin. It'll make it much easier, and you'll feel a lot stronger for it. Whether it's your first tattoo or you're looing to fill in the last few bits of your body suit, we'll be here to support you and try to help you enjoy the process.
  • I have a skin condition. Can I get a tattoo?
    This is entierly up to the artist. Book up a consultation, then we'll work out what it is you want and how we would deal with any issues that may come up. We have worked with customers whom have a variety of skin conditions, from psoriasis to eczema, scars to burns; we'll do everything we can to accomodate and help work around your condition and try to give you the best result possible. Bare in mind, those with skin conditions often have higher risks of infections, and damage/ink loss can occur regardless of the size, colour and placement of the tattoo. We won't be able to guantee a perfect piece of artwork, but we will do our absolute best.
  • I'm drunk. Can I get a tattoo?
    Nope. As much as we'd love to give you that tattoo of a penis smoking a cigar, ex-girlfriend's name on your butt or best friends name whom you just lost a bet to, there's too much risk involved for both yourself and our artist to proceed with the tattoo. Pop home, bury your head in a loaf of bread and sober up, then come in the next day and we'll see what we can do for you!
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