Frequently Asked Questions

Are these data lists validated?

Yes! all our data lists are validated and cleaned every 90 days. All our data lists are hosted on Sellfy digital downloads ecommerce platform with secure payment gateways.

What data fields are included in the email & phone data lists?

All our data lists include between 13,18 and 24 data fields which are indicated in the product description for each data list. The data fields included are viz; First name, Last name, Email ids work/personal, phone numbers mobile/work, Location, Linkedin profile url, Job Title, Company name, Industry vertical, website url, Company established year, Employee strength, Company Linkedin Profile url, Company Headquarters.

Do you guarantee the accuracy of the data lists?

Absolutely Yes! we guarantee all our data lists have 95% accuracy including validated email ids and phone numbers. Further we provide Linkedin profile url for full traceability of the contact.

Do you offer bounce back guarantee?

Yes we offer a bounce back guarantee on all data lists on our ecommerce store. We will replace all bounced contacts FREE of cost if any not applicable to discounted products.

What payment forms are currently accepted?

We currently accept Paypal transactions on our site which is most popular globally, please note when you use paypal your credit card will be charged in your local currency and you can view invoice on the dashboard of our Sellfy ecommerce platform.

Are the data lists in compliance to GDPR and privacy laws?

Yes! we totally comply with GDPR and privacy laws. We do not provide postal address in our data lists to comply with the same. We only capture data from third party applications where users have agreed to share or make public their data. For more visit the Privacy T&C

Cant find an answer to your question?

Hit the chat icon below for assistance or simply drop us an email at

Will i recieve the data lists instantly?

Yes! you will recieve your data list instantly from our fully automated sellfy ecommerce platform. You can download the FREE sample data lists to test the ease and delivery of the data lists.

How can i search for a data list?

Since we have embedded our sellfy store on this web page, there is no search option, however we have industry labels on each product. To browse products under a category/industry, Just click on the category links above the embedded store on this page to see all the data lists under a particular industry segment and shop directly on our sellfy store.

How do i view product description of any data list?

Just click on the BUY NOW BLUE button to view all the product description of each and every data list.You will not be required to share any credit card details to view the same.

Can i get a FREE sample of the data lists on the store?

Yes! We have included FREE samples that you can download against individual products in the description. However this is not available across all data lists. You can download a general sample data list which is FREE at the top of this page.

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